Kevin Levin

Kevin was once Ben's most feared enemy as he can use the power of omnitrix and even more. He also have the power of absorption. Back when they were young, they once work together to get a super slammo from a warehouse. Kevin has more evil plan so Ben took him down and that was the start of their rivalry. While they were fighting, Kevin accidentally absorbs the power of the omnitrix. Kevin become more powerful than Ben and since then they started fighting whenever they see each other. When they grew up as a teenager, Kevin become in love with Gwen and he has help Ben on several of his missions. He is free from the power of Omnitrix. Apparently, too much power drives him mad and that turns him into a villain.

The game is about Ben's friend and foe, Kevin Levin. This game doesn't have much to do with their powers as you just need to put the pieces back to where they should go to recreate the picture of Kevin. The game is played via mouse and you need to drag the pi

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