Ben 10: Omnimatch

The all powerful Ben 10 depends on his Omnitrix to defend the world. The device allows him to become an alien with superhuman power. But, in order to fully use the full power of the device, he must be familiar with the alien that he will transform into since the aliens are the ones that make him powerful. Each alien has its own strength and weakness. Ben must be aware of that so that he would know what to do in such case. Since Ben is not in control of what alien he would be, Ben needs to be familiar with all the 10 aliens. However, as he age, he found out another power of the Omnitrix - collecting DNA samples from aliens and copying its genetic so Ben can transform into that alien.

The idea of the game is to match at least three identical alien. Once, you match those three, they will be gone and they would be replace by another three. Find another set to match and do it all over and over again until you move on to the next round. Extra bonus points are awarded every time there are more than three plates that you remove. The game is played via space bar and the arrow keys.

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