Ben 10: Memory

Ben 10 don't need some introduction since he has been saving the world ever since he was a kid. Now, that he is already a teenager, he is still saving the world from alien threats. Perhaps the only thing that separates him from then is that he is able to travel from one galaxy to another to battle those alien threats. This mean that he become known in other planets as well. He is more popular today back when he was a kid. Back those days, he need to hide his identity, but now that he is a teenager, he doesn't do that anymore. He actually brags about it more since he gets something in return for being a superhero, but sadly; not all recognize him as a hero. Some people are disgusted on why he is recognize as a hero. For them, he can't be a hero since he is just a teenage punk. But, we can't all deny that Ben is one of the greatest hero that we have today.

This game is played through mouse and you need to click on the box to uncover what is inside it. it will help if you have a photographic memory. You need to remember when you find the characters. Once, you found the same character then you need to click the one that you left. The game lets you have 100 points for each pair, but deducts 10 pints if you wrong guess. The game can be played in three different game level.

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