Ben 10: Space Battles 2

Ben 10 is on a mission to save the world. A group of aliens are attacking the world because their king wants to conquer our world. Ben goes on a rampage and try to stop them. He knows that he can't use the omnitrix in this case as this is too big for his aliens transformation. This is an armada that can destroy the world if they want to, but they won't do it since they want the precious minerals that can only be found on this planet. And the only way to harvest it is by drilling deep in the ground.

You are on a spacecraft full of weapons and the idea here is to keep firing till the enemies are gone. Grab those floating red orb that seems to follow you anywhere as it will upgrade your weapon. More of those orb will even improve your weapon, but if you got hit then you will lose that upgrade. There are no secret to last long in the game as you just need to avoid being hit by the enemy. Sometimes the enemy will throw some projectiles at you and that is what you needed to avoid aside from them ramming unto you.

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