Ben 10: Kill Zone

At last, the Plumbers have finally located where the enemies are camping. This time, they want to end the war. They intend to kill all the enemies, but, they don't have the manpower to do it. So, they told Grandpa Max to send the best agent for the job. Grandpa Max believes that his grandson can do this job without failure. They got on a plane and after a few hours, Grandpa Max, Ben and Gwen finally reach the destination. Ben jump off the plane with a parachute on. He is ready to engage the enemies.

The idea here is to eliminate all the enemy in a level. You need to kill them all before you can advance to the next level. Grab some omnitrix while you are trying to eliminate all of the enemies in a level. Take care of your life since there are no medical kit in this game. The game can be played with a mouse and a keyboard. You have three lives in this game. There are no timer in the game so you can take all the time in the world to complete a level. Grab your gun and lets have some fun killing the enemies!

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