Ben 10 Ship Adventure

The scumbag of the universe have kidnapped Gwen and is now demanding for Ben's Omnitrix. But, Ben know that if he gives up his watch, the evil alien would just use it to their evil plans. What is even worst is that there will be no one to stop them. Sure, there are some that will stand up against them, but who would fight for Earth. Ben could not risk that so, he got into a ship and started his war against the evil alien. The aliens are so many that Ben is outnumbered, but his ship is as tough as he is so there is no fear.

The game is played via mouse and you need to move the mouse to control the ship to any direction you want to go. Use the left mouse button to shoot beams at the alien ships. Hold it so you won't need to press it repeatedly. You will see Gwen at the end and the boss are the aliens that has abduct her. Defeat the aliens to free Gwen. It would be better if you are not going to let a single space ship go to Earth. It is advisable to destroy all ships and not to let them pass you.

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