Ben 10 Alien Defense

The alien recognize Ben as their greatest nemesis and that is why; the first town that they attack is Ben's town. They want to make sure that they get rid of Ben so that no one could stop them from conquering the world. It seems like a perfect plan, but one thing that they forgot is that Ben would never back down from any fight. The aliens has angered Ben and now the latter is on a rampage, killing every alien on sight that tries to harm his little town. Ben can't rely on his Omnitrix since it was broken from a fight with Vilgax. This time, he uses guns to fight the aliens and is enough to win the fight for the world.

In this game, there are no omnitrix so you need to rely on the two guns - shotgun and assault riffle. These guns are enough to save the world. Shoot every alien in sight. Don't worry about the ammo as there are lots of em lying on the floor. Replace the gun with the other one if it runs out of ammo. Kill as much of those alien to progress to the next level.

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