Ben 10 Boxing

Ben 10 has been known for his alien transforming powers. Though, it is cool to have that powers, he hasn't got the respect of all the people. They think that he is nothing without the alien watch. Anyone can do what he had done if they got the watch for themselves. This made Ben realize that he needs to engage in sports to prove that he is more than most people think. Besides, boxing a great way to earn cash. He is already a grown up man and he can't rely on his parents all the time for financial support. He have to start with something.

The idea of the game is to knockdown your opponent. Your opponent have the same objective as you are so you need to be careful and guard yourself against those hard punches. There are no power ups in the game. As you win matches after matches, you would notice that your character will grow not only in stamina, strength, but also your height as well. As you progress in the game, the opponent will also be much larger and stronger than before. You will need some skills to make sure that you come up as a the victor in most match, but that is just a preparation for you to the coming higher level matches.

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