Ben 10 Super Archer

Ben 10 was manipulated by Vilgax to go through a time machine. Now, Ben is all alone in the dark era. People don't know him, so he has no choice, but to hide his alien powers or they will be scared of him. That means that they might hunt him down like some wild animal just because he is different. During those ages, lots of people were killed simply because everyone thought that they are practicing some dark magic. IN the case of Ben, his alien transforming powers might be mistaken for a dark art. Fortunately, he had found out that archery is pretty hit during those times and he is one of the best in his school. The king has ordered him to shoot an apple from the head of a knight. He will get some reward if he succeeds.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot the apple at the top of the knight. One mistake could be your last since the game will be over instantly, if you manage to to shoot the knight. As you successfully shoot the apple from the top of the head, you would notice that the distance will be farther.

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