Ben 10 Xtreme Adventure

Ben has been to many world and most of them are really weird and all. This time, he had gotten to where some game characters had gotten. The world resembles the world of Super Mario, except this is an alternate universe, where there are no King Kuppa. Instead of King Kuppa ruling this world, it is Dr. Animo. His mutates rule the land and the mutates serves him so he is the master of this world. There are no one to stop him since Super Mario is not here. Fortunately, Ben is here now and now he will be the one fulfilling the role of a hero in this world. It is up to Ben to save the day.

The game is a mash-up of Super Mario since it has some resemblance to the old school game that your parents use to play. Here you will be collecting coins and stumping on the mutates to get some points. Grab as many coins as you can since once, you collected 100 coins, you earn one life. Like in the Super Mario game, there are floating bricks and stuff. However, you won't be doing some breaking bricks in this game. Also, you won't find any magical flowers in the game.

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