Ben 10 Extreme Truck

It looks like Ben is tired of fighting aliens the old way. Now, he is using a truck, but maybe there is a deeper reason for this. Anyway, who am I to judge him as he is the best hero that our world have.

Ben is driving a truck with some alien powers in it. He don't need to battle those alien to get to his destination. All he needs to do is activate the alien power and crush the alien with his truck. He has been dependent on his Omnitrix for a long time that he forgets he is with the Plumbers. And they got some heavy high powered weapons. Most of their technologies comes from aliens too, but they are from the good aliens that swore to protect the galaxies from evil aliens.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the shining light. But, this ride won't be as smooth as you think it is since there will be alien bats trying to stop you along the way. And that is the least of your concern as the road ahead is really perilous. You need to balance your truck all the time while driving because you can easily crash it because of the mountain path that is ahead of you.

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