Ben 10: Upgrade Space Battle

Vilgax is always up to no good and Ben is the one thing that stand against him in conquering the galaxy. This time, Vilgax is fed up and wants to get rid of Ben. One thing that he could think of is to get the creator of the Omnitrix and have the creator working for him. Fortunately, Tetrax was following him and overheard what he was saying. Tetrax immediately went to Earth to warn Ben. When he got there, he found Ben and told him what Vilgax was planning. Ben is ready to engage Vilgax once more, but the problem is getting there are ships that are around Vilgax. Tetrax told Ben to use Upgrade to take control of the ships one by one and let it fight Vilgax in outer space.

You will need to take control of one of Vilgax ships. Once that, you have control it, you can use its fire power. Get out of the ship if the life bar nears zero and you can take control of another ship. You will have to engage the ship of Vilgax. The ship is large and very powerful, but you can always take control of another ship.

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