Ben 10 Alien Killzone

The alien's attack seems to be coordinated for more than a month now as though it is planned. An intel tells the Plumbers that they finally found the base of the alien. The plumbers send in their best man for the job - Ben 10. He is equip with a powerful blaster, but his omnitrix is broken and can't be use in this mission, probably because of some jamming device in the base. Ben's mission is to eliminate all the aliens in the base, so there won't be anymore coordinated attacks on Earth.

The game is an all out war against aliens. You can't transform into a powerful alien here, but you can use a blaster to battle those alien. Grab as many omnitrix as you can as they serves as coins for this game. The coins is converted to points at the end of every level. You need to eliminate all the aliens in a level before you can proceed to the exit. Proceeding to the exit without eliminating all the aliens will not let you go through the next level. You need to go back and finish your mission first before you can do that. There is a map that can help you locate the enemies.

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