Ben 10: Taxi Driver

Ben is always busy with his odd job as a super hero, but unlike most people, who would just lie down at the comfort of their sofa, Ben still want to earn more money to buy his need. He was fortunate enough to get hired a taxi driver. It seems that the taxi owner is desperate enough to get someone to drive for him as Ben is always seeking some thrill. Anyway, the money that Ben will get here will surely help pay his bills and buy the other things that he wanted for himself.

Drive your taxi as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Don't let anything stop you on your way as that will slow you down. Build some momentum and gathered speed to overcome any obstacles that is blocking your way. There are ramps that you can use to get to your destination faster. However, sometimes, there will be a bean that you need to run over to get to the finish line. There are no time limits in this game. Drive safely because the taxi that you are driving is not crash-proofed. The game gets harder as you progress in the game.

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