Ben 10: Chase Down

Not all aliens are bad as some of them are quite helpful and Ben don't want to do harm against them. Besides, he has some alien buddies as he have traveled the galaxy with them to save some planet. Because of these activities, he had gained enemies and some of them are determined to get back at him somehow. A group of alien traveled to planet Earth and has intention of causing destruction on our planet. Their plan is blend well with the crowd, so no one can get suspicious of them. They need to get to the city, where they will start some havoc. Fortunately, the Plumbers are quite aware of their plan and has called in Ben to intercept them on the road.

Drive your car as fast as you can till you reach your target. The idea is to shoot the target to destroy it. Once, you've done that, you need to go after the next target. Grab some Omnitrix symbol along the way for points. Those targets won't give you any points, but you need to get rid of them or you won't advance to the next level. Try not to bump into another vehicle as that will damage your car. You already know what will happen, should your car get too damaged. There will be more targets as you progress in the game.

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