Ben 10: Space Escape

Ben is captured by his arch nemesis, Vilgax. Soon, the latter will be extracting the OMnitrix from his and that won't be pretty. The only way that Vilgax could get that device off Ben is when the latter is dead. And Vilgax is planning just that. Fortunately, Vilgax took his time to rest before extracting the alien device off our favorite hero. This gave Ben the time he need to escape the alien ship. However, things won't be easy as the ship is full of booby trap and Ben needs to be extra careful if he want to come out of that ship alive.

Help Ben get out of the mother ship. The game is played via mouse and you need to place some blocks to help Ben get out. Ben will walk on his own, but he won't stop. That is your job as you need to make sure that no harm comes to the hero. The inside of the ship is full of spikes, but Ben will just walk through it without hesitation. You will need to place some blocks to make sure that Ben won't fall into those spike. A long block is needed to change Ben's direction.

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