Ben 10 Longbow

Aside from fighting aliens, Ben is also good with shooting arrows. Actually, this is one of his favorite pastime and he is now very good at it as he does it whenever he have some free time. The sport is quite dangerous like a gun as you might hit someone with it if you are not careful, but the feeling of hitting your target is quite fulfilling. It might give him the sensation that he gets whenever he is fighting aliens, but that would do when there are no invading alien to stop. Well, at least, that will do for now.

You can choose to practice or get on ahead with the tournament because it is much exciting. it all depends on your choice. The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot the balloon. The balloon will keep on coming. It is advisable to take your time as you only get five chances in this game. When you miss five times then the game is over. The points that you will get from each balloon depends on the height that they reach on the air. You will get more a lot points if you can hit two or more balloons with one arrow.

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