Ben 10: Pacman

Ghostfreak finally got a body of his own. Nobody knows how he manage to get his body back, but the worst thing about getting his body is that he contacted some of his alien buddies and they are now causing some problem for the world. Ben knew that only Upchuck can save the world from the clutches of Ghostfreak and his friends. Ghostfreak is quite aware of that, so he keeps on chasing Ben to make sure that Upchuck won't reach his maximum potential. Ghostfreak knows that he and his friends will in a lot of trouble if Upchuck reach his maximum power.

The game is made after the popular game of the 90's - Pacman. The idea in this game is to munch on the small power pellet. You need to get all the power pellets to be able to advance to the next level. However, no game is without an obstacle and this game make Ghostfreak the obstacle that you need to overcome. Ghostfreak and his friend will come your way and will make sure that you can't go to the next level. You can eat the ghosts once you eat a large power pellet. There are no time limit here.

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