Ben10 - Kraken Attack

The kraken is a legendary monster that lives in the depths of the ocean. it attacks fishermen for unknown reasons. Many would not believe that tales about the cryptid, but this is what Ben found out. The kraken had awaken from its deep slumber and it is very angry. it won't stop till it destroys everything that it sees. Fortunately, Ben was around and couldn't permit that to happen. He will use all of his alien, if that is what it takes to put the cryptid down for good. The kraken is that tough and it will not come back to the depths in a quiet manner.

The idea of the game is to keep on firing till the kraken goes back to the ocean, but it will come back for more. Be ready as you need to fight it over and over again. To put it down for good, you will need to use all of your alien transformation. Run around and try to avoid the projectiles that the cryptid is throwing at you. The kraken will throw a live ball that will follow you around. Make sure that it won't catch up to you and keep on blasting the kraken till it sinks.

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