Ben 10 Omniverse Save the World

As Ben grew up, his powers also grow. He even got a new Omnitrix to replace his old watch. Now, Ben is more powerful than ever. However, this attracted more powerful enemies from across the galaxies. Ben was able to defeat them all. The Plumbers knew that only time will tell when the evil aliens would be attacking again to get their revenge on the teenage hero. The day came when the evil aliens unite to get their revenge from Ben. Psyphon rally them up to fight Ben for the last time. The Plumbers were ready for that day and they give Ben a special blaster fit for one of Ben's alien transformation.

Blast your way to all your enemies. Ben will keep on running forward and the idea here it to blast the enemies before they can even get closer to Ben. You can jump, move forward, and move backward to avoid being hit. Grab the power-ups that you see as that can help you to defeat the aliens, who wants to take revenge on you. The game gets harder as you progress in the game since there will be more powerful enemies ganging up on you.

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