Ben 10 Ultimate Force

While battling an alien, Ben got stuck in an worm hole and was sent to the land before time. There were lots of monster there and Ben was so afraid. However, Ben is truly brave and it didn't take long till he got his courage back. Now, he is ready to face the monsters from the past. Unfortunately, the power of the Omnitrix seems to diminish as he can only use Heatblast in that era. For Ben, this is enough since he can burn the dinosaurs and giant animals from the past. He knows that it won't be long till the Plumbers find his whereabouts. They have the technology and they won't give up on looking for him. For now, he must do all that he can to stay alive in the prehistoric era.

Run to hut for your to advance to the next level. Grab some Omnitrix symbols for added points. Get those red X to change into Heatblast. The transformation is only for a short time, so you need to act quick. Fireball are much effective compared to bare fist in battling the prehistoric giants. You can also avoid these monsters and keep out of their reach till you reach the hut.

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