Ben 10 - Ice Jump

Ben is quite a tough hero as he has proven many times before. in one of his battles, he chase the alien all the way to North Pole. The alien finally left him, but that might be too late since the ice is thinning and his alien watch can't help him. It need to be recharge and Ben doesn't have enough time to wait for it before he can transform into a flying alien. He would need to rely on his skill to save his life. He would need to jump from one ice platform into another till he set his foot on solid ground.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to jump from one platform into another. You need to calculate your jump as there will be no more game if you fall into the water. Each platform will be different, so the calculations for each platform will be different. This game is not time restricted. As you progress in the game, it will be harder since there will be a pole that will be blocking your way to the other platform. This game is non-stop as it doesn't have any levels at all. You need to keep on jumping till you die in the game.

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