Ben 10: Ghost Town

Ben is always fighting aliens, so you might taught that he isn't afraid of anything no more, but the truth is that he is not to face an army of the undead that go bumping in the night. It was too much for him, but being a hero, he can't run away just easily. Who will save the town if he can't do it. That is what happened one night as the army of darkness was raised from hell to cause some trouble. Ben will rely on his Omnitrix, but his watch is all busted and will need a whole month before it is fully repaired. He have nothing, but his karate to to be use for now.

The game doesn't have any aliens on it, but this will surely scare the hell out of your pants. The idea here is to keep moving forward and defeat the enemies with some fist and kicks. Anyway, you can't move forward if you haven't defeated the enemies in that area. There will be a invisible wall that stops you from moving forward. There won't be any power-ups in this game, so you need to take care of your life and try not to be hit by enemies.

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