Ben 10: Surma Battle

The world is cruel, but we all know that we need to toughen up in we want to live in this world. You need to fight for your right because others might take advantage if you let take advantage of you. That is the world we live in and people are merciless if given the chance. Ben knows that and that why; he fights back.

In the story, an ancient tribe want to rule the world, so they gather their forces and march on to the city. They did conquer the city, but they forgot someone; they forgo that Ben is there and he won't back off from them.

The idea here is to knockout your opponent as fast as you can since there will be more and you don't want them ganging up on you. There are no power-ups in this game as you will need to defend on your own skills. Ben can transform into an alien, but in this game, you don't have the luxury of transforming into an alien. You will need to depend on your fist fighting capability. The boss will be waiting at the end and it will be a tough battle. Somehow, you need to dodge their attacks as you can't heal your life points in this game.

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