Ben 10 Vs Skeletons

Even if we don't like to believe it, there are somethings that go bump out in the night. When that happens, some of us would just cry for help, but there will be no one to help. These things are of super natural origins and can't be just deal with, if you are not an expert. However, if you are not going to try to stop them, then they would just feast on you. Ben is not an expert when it comes to supernatural forces, but will never back down from anything. When the skeletons came to his hometown, his omnitrix was busted, but that won't stop him from fighting them.

The game won't let you use your Omnbitrix, but you will have some weapons to fight them with. You need to clear out the skeletons in the level before you can proceed to the next level. After a level, you will earn money, which you can use to buy other weapons. You will start the game with just your shot gun. Be on the lookout for some presents from the sky as they do hold some ammunition and other weapons. Buy better weapons once you have enough money since the enemies will be tougher as you progress in the game.

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