Ben 10: Gang War

Ben is tough even if, he don't own the Omnitrix. When he got big, he got involved in a gang war. He can't use the Omnitrix since it was broken that time. Nobody knows the exact details on why, he got involved, but things got messy that he had killed many gangsters. It seems that the gang members won't stop till he was dead, so Ben keep on fighting them. These gangsters are fearless and shows no mercy. If Ben wouldn't fight them, then they would still kill Ben and his family. Ben wants to make sure that there is no harm that will get to his family, so he takes matters into his own hands.

This is a non-stop game, wherein you would need to keep on firing to kill the enemies in the area. Try to move little by little because the enemies are limitless. They would just keep on coming even if you killed a lot. There would be times that you need to kill the entire enemies in the area, before the game would allow you to proceed to another area. You would notice that the enemies is getting tougher and their numbers certainly increasing as you progress in the game.

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