Be 10 Escape

Ben is trap and it seems that this will be his end if he can't escape. This will be such an easy for Ben, but the problem, the enemy has broken the Omnitrix. He can't transform into any aliens. He can't stay there as the enemy is planning something sinister against him. There is no guard, but there is a security camera that monitor his movement. Ben's only hope is to stay away of the range of the camera. He knows that getting caught would mean his life and that will be his end.

The idea here is to escape. This might sound easy, but you don't know what you are up against. The moment that the camera spotted you then the game is over. Your best weapon in this kind of game is timing. Fortunately, there are no timer in this game and you can finish the level at any time. You need to locate the key before you go and open the door to another level. The game will be harder as you make some progress. No one says, that this would be easy, but anything in this life is not easy. Be brave and use your head to evade the camera.

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