Ben 10 Gold Hunter

They say that there is thrill in anything you do, but not all of them will mean that you will be reach. It is better to do the things that are dangerous, but will make you richer than those doing those dangerous stuff that won't help you to become richer. Ben is like that as he does things that are far too dangerous, but he don't get richer at the end. At last, he is now awake and now, he don't care about anything now. Fortunately, he found a planet, where it is raining gold, but the same planets holds many dangerous since there are things that are falling from the sky that might squash you.

The idea in this game is to collect the gold coins. There are no timer in the game and the idea here is to grab those coin as long as you have life left. The game is controlled through the mouse. Try to evade the falling rock ball from the sky. But, that is the least of your problem since there are spinning metal spikes that seems to chase you around. Fortunately, there are things that can help you like the hard hat for extra protection. There is also a magnet that will help you to collect more coins.

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