Ben 10: Zombie Survival

The world is now the same anymore as it filed with the walking dead. No one knew what started it all, but Ben came home one day from a mission and found out that the world has changed. It seems that only a few survivors manage to survive. Ben knew that he needed to be strong and locate all the survivors, so they can forma group and be able to survive in this devastated world. All that they needed to do is to survive in this world. Zombies will keep chasing them and there is nothing that they can do about that, but this is not the time to cry as they need to live.

This is a survival game wherein countless zombies will keep on coming after you. You need to hit them with everything you got. You can't stop in this game since the zombies will eat you alive. The game will be harder as time flies by. You can't upgrade your weapon in this game, but there will be some blaster that you can use. Pick it up and use it as they are available. Pick the bottle to fill your life points. When you are at full power then you can use the special power.

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