Ben 10 - Rampage

It looks like that the aliens are determined to invade our home. They are not going to stop until they have the world for themselves and that isn't something that Ben could just sit on. Normally, he would transform into an alien being using his Omnitrix, but today, he is going to use his fist against the aliens since his alien watch is broken right now and it would take weeks for Asmutt can repair it. It looks that Ben is in a lot of trouble, but little did everybody know that he has been studying karate under the guidance of his cousin, Gwen, who is a martial expert herself.

Beat down those aliens till they can't stand no more. Grab the omnitrix symbols that you can see. Try not to get beaten by the aliens. As you move further, there will be more aliens. If you think that you will have an easy time beating this game then think again since there these guys really pack in some punch. Also, the boss fight is not easy as it would take him a few strike to win against Ben.

Have fun and enjoy beating those aliens that want to rule the world!

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