Ben 10: City Protector

For Ben Tennyson, Swampfire is among the best alien transformation that he can have since it got the power of the swamp and fire, but when swampfire creatures attack Earth, he knows that he can't depend on Swampfire. He needs to use a different alien for this mission. Aside from Swampfire, Heatblast is the alien that can match the fire power of the invading aliens. Its been years since he transformed into Heatblast, but he knows that this alien is the right guy for the job.

The game is played via muse and you can't control the movement of your character. You can only control the projectile that Heatblast is throwing at the enemies. Pick up the blue orb along the way and you will see that your fire power will triple. However, you can't depend on your fire power alone if there are simply too much enemies. Eventually you will be overwhelmed, so try using the special power to wipe those aliens out of the air. You can replenish the power bar once you got a yellow orb. The two orbs can be pick up by hovering over them. The game gets harder as you made some progress.

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