Ben 10: Skater Math

We all know that Ben is among the strongest individual in the known galaxy, but do you think that he has the knowledge to even pass grade school? That is something questionable, but Ben is eager to learn and he would do everything just to pass his math subject. In fact, he takes math problems seriously that he studies it wherever he is. It is weekends, so he doesn't have any classes. This would be the perfect time to ride his skating board and have fun. But, it seems that this sport is not the only perfect time for this day as the aliens are also attacking. Ben knows that he would need to take care of the aliens, study math problems and skate within the day, so he thought of doing it all at once.

The idea here is quickly solve the math problem as they appear. If you manage to solve it then Ben would perform some stunt or anything to save himself. If your answer is wrong then that is the end of the game. Same thing goes when you can't answer the problem on time. There are 12 questions, which you need to answer in a hurry.

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