Ben 10: Downtown Assault

Lucubra is back and this time he is out for revenge. He brought his massive army to back him up. Among Ben's aliens, there is only one being that can stop such massive army and that is none other than Alien-X. Once again, Ben need to use its power even though, if that will mean that Ben might be gone for good. There is no telling if the council inside Alien-X would permit him to use the power or not. As if, that is not bad enough, the council might not return Ben's body to him. This is a dangerous situation for Ben, but he has no other choice left.

Blast your enemies as soon as you see them. Try to avoid any projectiles being thrown at you or colliding with any aliens as that will damage you. Some projectiles can be stop by shooting at it, but boss projectiles can't be shoot. Grab some power-ups as that will help you win the battle. Your shooting power will increase for a short time, so always grab some power-ups as soon as you see it coming. Once, you filled up the power bar, you can use the power blast which is quite strong.

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