Ben10 Wild Run

Ben 10 is investigating an alien anomaly, but the alien discovered him and Ben has no choice, but to fight the aliens. Ben can't choose, which alien he would transform to. When he hits the Omnitrix, he transformed into the alien dog, Wild Mutt. However, it seems that the latter is no match against the alien. Ben needs to wait till his alien watch fully recharge before he can change into another alien. For now, he needs to run for his life or he might get killed.

Your character will run on its own and it is up to you to make sure that Ben is safe as he gallops the hills. The hills are so deep that even Wild Mutt can't survive the fall. You need to make Wild Mutt or he would fall in one of the cliffs. Grab some Omnitrix symbols as you run along. The game has no end and you need to jump as long as you are alive. You can only stop when the game ends. Even if the game has no levels, you would notice that it is becoming harder as you make some progress.

Make sure that Wild Mutt will never fall in one of the cliffs!!!

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