Ben10 Torpedo

Ben has been battling aliens since he was 10 years old and now that he is a teen, he needs to learn not to depend too much on the alien watch at it might broke one day and the alien will not show mercy on him. After years of overused, the Omnitrix finally gave in and it needs to be repaired. Too bad as Ben can't just let it be repaired in the nearest repair show as the technology is very advance. Only one being can repair it and that is none other than Asmutt. He created the Omnitrix years ago and he is the only one knowledgeable enough to repair it. For the meantime, Ben will need a gun to defend himself.

In this game, you can't depend on the alien watch. You just have a gun and you need to use it aliens. The idea here is to shoot the aliens before they get too close to you. Though, you have a life points, which makes sure that you won't die whenever an alien gets closer. However, your life points won't hold out much long, so you need to make sure that no one can get closer to you. Sometimes there are power-ups floating up in the air. There are lots of stuff that you can get in that power-up. Upon finishing the level, you can buy some better weapon.

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