Ben 10: Monsters Card

Earth is being attacked by monsters and aliens alike. It looks like that this would be the end for our planet as there is no one to defend it, but wait, Ben is now here to defend the planet. Using the watch that he found when he was just a little boy, Boy can match their powers. He would not let those monster get the better of us. However, that doesn't mean that he is undefeated and should not use his mind. The power of the Omnitrix lies on the how well he knew the alien transformation. Each one is unique and has its advantage, also has a disadvantage. Ben just need to know that before using it against any monster.

The game is played via mouse and this game is all about cards. You need to match one card to another and then move on to the next card to find out what it holds. You need to have a good memory since you will need to remember where you find the monster in the game. The game has a timer, so you need to act fast or the game ends instantly before you know it. They say that time is gold and this is applicable to this game, as well. This game has three levels to master.

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