Ben 10: Omniverse Masterchef

Ben likes fighting aliens all the time, but as much as he likes it, he need to find a real job. One that will pay him some money and not another charitable work, wherein he wouldn't get anything. Ben always like cooking, so he concentrated on finding the work suitable for him. After a few weeks of job hunting, he was lucky to be accepted to get a job as a master chef. As a master chef, it is his duty to cut the vegetables and make sure that they are cut according to what is in the menu. he can't pass it on his subordinates since they aren't good at cutting yet.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to cut the vegetables as tiny as you can. Of course, the tinier you cut it, the more points you will get. Any game will be dull if there are no such thing that would make it a little harder. In this game, you can't cut a rotten vegetable as you will lose a life if you do that. You only got four lives in this game and when all of it are gone then the game is over. Aside from rotten vegetables, you also need to wary about the frog and the mirror, both of them will make your life as a chef harder than it is.

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