Ben 10: Chasedown 2

Ben likes to deal with aliens, but some of them aren't evil at all. Like humans, aliens do have their good and bad side, so we don't have the right to judge them. It is not right to accuse them of evil things just because we saw them. Ben likes a good fight and didn't care whether it is an alien or not. When the FBI told him that there were some bad guys, who are on wheels escaping the law, he immediately set out to get them. They must be brought to justice, but if they can't be brought, then there is only one option left - to destroy the vehicle they are driving and let the cops do their work.

The idea of the game is drive and catch the bad guys on wheels. It might take some time before you can catch up to them, but you would eventually catch them. Just be patient and you would get to them. When you do catch up to them, you need to take them out. Either you bump and crash them or shoot them. The game didn't care as both action would complete the level. The game gets harder and harder as you move from one level to another.

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