Ben 10: Tank Battle

When Ben need to do something, he reaches out for his OMnitrix, but, they can't always rely on his Omntirix as there would be some times that it might got broken. These things happen when we least expect it, so we need to be prepared always. After fighting in an intergalactic war, his Omnitrix got broken. Unfortunately, evil doesn't seems to know the word - rest. A group of terrorist have invaded the country and Ben knows that he needs to do something on the country would be devastated. The terrorists have taken some military base and is now using its weapon to fulfill what they want to the country. Ben and Gwen infiltrated their camp and is now using a tank to do battle against them.

In this game, you need to shoot the enemy till it is destroyed. If you can't take down the enemy, then you should call for reinforcement. Each kill would earn you coins, to which you can use to buy upgrades. As you move further in the game, enemies would be harder to beat and this is where your upgrades could be handy. You have a limited ammo, but you only need to wait for a little while for the tank to reload.

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