Ben 10 Ultimate Force 3

Dr Animo escapes from his prison cell and there is no way that he can resist to get back at Ben 10 or do some experiments on the poor animals. As we all know, Animo is master of the enlarge animals. This time, he also control some extinct animals as he is able to recreate some of them in his lab. With his army growing, his ambition to take over the world will soon become a reality. He would surely declare himself as the ruler of this world. The world government can't allow that, so they told Ben to go after him once again. Ben knows that Animo won't be willing to come in peace, so he is prepared to take down some of Animo's creations.

The idea here is to get to house in one piece. You can punch the animals to death, but you would surely take some damage too. It would be best if you would get the X - transformation power to transform into Heatblast. That way, you don't need to get close the enlarge animals. You can shoot them from afar without getting your ass kick. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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