Ben 10 Boat Race

The world seems to be peaceful enough and Ben never get paid for saving the world. This is the perfect time to get a part time job. Well, at least, while he is on vacation and there are no aliens trying to rule the galaxy. Ben tried and tried till at least, he got a job as a helper in a cruise ship. His task is to bring in the ingredients for the cruise ship. The cook can't cook his masterpiece if there are no ingredients. Since, the cruise ship is on water, they lend a boat for Ben to use. However, getting it on the cruise ship won't be easy since there are lots of boats in the sea. Ben knows that he should not let the boat get bump by other boat because that would damage the boat.

Drive the boat as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Please remember that this is a race and you need to get on the finish line as fast as you can, at least, before the time runs out. Try not to bump into another boat as that would be a hindrance to your speed.

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