Ben 10: Math Game

Most people don't like math since they suck at it. That is the only explanation why you won't like it. If you are good at it then you would surely like it. If you are good at math then you would do good at your business when the time comes. Well, at least the computational part of it.

Everyone might think that Ben just like to do battle with aliens, but what you don't know about him is that he is good at Math. And because he is very good at math, he would often come to a orphan house and teach the kids there about Math. Math could be boring, but with the way Ben teaches the kids, they like to learn more.

The game can only be played through a mouse. Ben would ask you some questions and you would need to choose among the answer presented at you at the right side of the screen. If you get it right then you would get a star. The game continues on even if you answered wrong. However, you can't get a star if your answer is incorrect. All of the question has something to do with subtraction, so you won't have a hard time guessing what would be the net question.

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