Ben 10: Aliens Truck

Ben always thought that aliens are bad since they want to conquer the world, but as he grow older, he found out the secret organization known as Plumber, to which his grandpa is working for. This secret organization got some alien members in it and all of them are good. This has revealed that alien are just like human as some are bad and some are good. Since then, his perception about aliens change, he become open-minded and assesses everything before jumping into conclusions. On one of his galactic trips, he help some alien to get out of a city that is full of violence. These aliens want no part of the violence in the city and want to leave a simple and quiet lifestyle. He need to transport to a faraway place to make sure that they are safe.

No, you won't need to battle in this game as you just need to transport some alien to a faraway place. You should not let the alien fall out of the truck or you failed the game. Grab some canister along the way for more points. Try to make it to your destination as fast as you can. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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