Ben 10 Alien Force: Humongosaur

Earth's mightiest soldier wouldn't last long against an armada of alien invading the world. They would need a big help from one of the best heroes in the galaxy. Fortunately, Ben is one of those heroes and he lives here in this planet. Together, they would put a stop to these invading aliens. Those alien ships are massive and only one alien could stop them and could match the size. Ben turns into Humongosaur to turns things around. Surely, his power could match even an alien ship. But, the alien ships keep on coming and Ben isn’t sure if he can hold on. He needs your help to fight the invading armada of aliens. Are you up to the task?

The alien ships keep on coming and they will kill you. You need to defend yourself and smash them. If they come to close then block the attacks and when they got into fighting range then use the smash to crack them wide open. The idea here is to destroy the alien ships that are within your range. There are other ships, but you can’t reach them since they are too high and they won’t bother to shoot you either. Just focus on the things that are within your range and keep smashing.

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