Ben 10: Hopper

Ben is on the run, but this time, he isn't using one of his alien transformation to escape his enemy. He have no choice as he have use his OMnitrix before and it would take at least an hour before it could recharge. For the meantime, he need to escape the enemy, so he could do battle again another time. Ben knows that he is no match against his enemies if weren't' for his alien watch. This open his mind that he need to learn self defense if he want to be a good fighter. He can't rely on his alien watch all the time. There would always come a time like this one, wherein he need to fight without the help of his Omnitrix. For now, he just need to get as far as he can.

Ben want to get away from his enemies, but the obstacles upfront won't make things easier for him. He would need your help to ensure his safety. The character keeps on running and you need to make sure that he would be safe most of the time. Jump if you see that he would be hit with an obstacle. Grab some rings as you make your way.

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