Ben10: Middle Ages

Ben Tennyson was following an alien when suddenly something went wrong. He blackout and when he woke up, his surroundings has change. He first thought that he was transported into another place, but that is where he is wrong as he went back to the medieval times. He knows that the alien has something to do with it and has the power to return him back in his time, so he makes it his mission to find him and return him back. He is as confident as he could be, but he then notice that his Omnitrix is gone. The alien must have taken it while he was sleeping. Something seems to be wrong with this era as there are robots here. He was able to craft a bow and arrow to fight with.

Ben is taken back in the middle ages. You need to destroy the robots patrolling the area before you can advance. Take not that you have a limited arrow, so you need to make it count. There are arrows that can be found in the game, but that doesn't make it unlimited. The game gets more challenging and much harder as you make some progress.

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