Ben 10 Madness

Ben likes to have some thrill in his life and he got what he wanted when he acquired the alien device - Omnitrix. With it, he now can transform into more than 10 aliens. He save not only the world, but also the galaxy from some menacing aliens. But, the menace aren't only aliens as some people can also be a menace to the world such as Dr Animo and anyone with bad intentions. Ben has stop them over and over again proving to the world that he is the best hero that this world have. However, like any normal guy, he become bored from time to time as there aren't anything to do. So, he has sign in with the FBI, and would be on reserve to fight some bad guys. From time to time, he is called when some bad guys are on a rampage. Most of the time, these guys are on a car and the FBI needed someone to take them down.

Enough with alien stuffs as this game is about car and bad guys. The idea here is to take down a car on the road. There are several targets on the road and you need to reach every one of them before you can take them down. At the upper portion of the screen, you would see how many kilometers before you can catch up. You can easily identify the target since it is kind of glowing.

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