Ben10 Super Golfer

Ben might always fighting some aliens and he have been using his Omnitrix all the time, but thinking that he is all square is all wrong. Ben is like any of us, who always make sure that he have some time not only to fight bad guys or aliens, but also enough time to enjoy his life. If he can't do this then he won't enjoy his life at all. Since, he needed to be stuck in his house all day because there are no classes, he opted to play golf in his house. The golf set he have is not as real as that of a real one, but the joy he enjoyed playing it is really awesome.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to put the ball in the hole. the setting is inside Ben's house, but that don't mean that it would be too easy for you to put it on the hole because there are lots of obstacles in the house. There are lots of appliances, pets, and furniture to block your shot. To fully enjoy the game, you need to make it to the hole in as little shot as possible. Like in the real game, you need to make the least shot and put it in the hole. Since there are no one to play this with in this game, you only need to put in the hole to advance to the next level.

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