Ben 10: Match It

Ben is one of the best heroes that we have in this world and we mostly depend on him whenever there are alien threats. There are other heroes in this world, but they don't specialize in controlling extra-terrestrial threats like Ben. Ben got his power from his Omnitrix, which gives him the ability to transform into an alien one at a time. There were a total of 10 transformation available for him at the start, but the numbers keeps on growing as he is able to acquire more alien DNA. The Omnitrix makes use of the DNA and enable him to transform into more powerful aliens.

In this game, you need to match three or more several items to destroy it. Obviously, you don't need to lower the stacks as the stacks are always full. But, you need to make as many combinations before the timer ends or you fail the game. There are specials that can be use in the game to make it easier for you to reach your goals. Watch for them as they would make it rather easy for you. You need to reach a certain score in order for you to proceed to the next level.

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