Ben 10 Snow Ball

Christmas is here, but there won't be any Santa to deliver the gifts as the elves has him imprisoned. The elves rebelled against Santa and that he stands for, which means that there would be no gifts waiting for the good kids throughout the year. Fortunately, Santa was able to sent a distress call to the Plumbers and now Ben is on his way to save Santa. Ben knows that he doesn't need to hurt the elves as these guys are good guys. Somehow, they are being controlled by an evil being. He won't need to use the Omnitrix as he just need to throw snow ball at the elves to freeze them temporarily. The elves would return back to their former self once the evil is defeated. And that is what Ben is sent out to do in the first place. His cousin, Gwen tag along to help him in this mission. They believe that two heads are better than one and this would make the task much easier compared if they would do it alone.

In this game, you would need to throw snow balls at the elves to freeze them for a few seconds, so you could explore the area.

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